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Our 2018 Event Schedule
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May 19th and 20th
Osoyoos Medieval Faire, Osoyoos, British Columbia

June 9th and 10th
Summer Skirmish, Military Museum, Calgary, Alberta

June 16th
Cheer Corner For Millarville Half Marathon

July 28th and 29th
Cooks Creek Medieval Faire, Cooks Creek, Manitoba
Hosted by the Church and Grotto in Cooks Creek
Church of the Immaculate Conception

Cooks Creek Medieval Faire Facebook Page

International Jousting Event (IJL rated)

August 4th
International Jousting Show, Military Museum, Calgary, Alberta

September 15th and 16th
Lila's Angels Tournament of Hearts & Medieval Faire, Valleyview, Alberta
Lila's Angels
Hosted by Lila's Angels Travel Foundation

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Past Events in 2017
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May 20th and 21st
Desert Park Tilt and Lance Joust, Osoyoos, British Columbia.

August 12th and 13th
Brooks Medieval Faire, Brooks, Alberta.

September 16th and 17th & 18th
3rd Annual Medieval Faire, Valleyview, Alberta