The Destrier

DestrierThe Destrier

I am the heart, that beats with the charge.
And mine is the breath of the settling dust
And these are my hooves, so deadly and large.
Mine is the sweat that may bring you to rust.

These are my eyes, your eyes, when steel hides all
And these are the ears, that turn when they hear
As shards of wood crack and thump with the fall.
Mine is the snort as the crowd jumps to cheer.

Ours is the will, to have all go as planned
And ours are the muscles, stretched taut like springs
Together, released, we make our last stand.
As dust lays to rest, when the last blow rings.

So a pat on the neck is all I’ll need,
For my name is that, of your noble steed.

Written by  ~Sebastian Fox

Reprinted with permission 2016

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