Meet Our Team

Our Jousters & Jousters in Training

Radar Goddard

Founder, Senior Knight and President

Radar Founder of the Society of Tilt and Lance Cavalry, Radar is an EMT in Calgary and a long time fire fighter. Radar got the jousting bug in 1988 when she saw the sport at Littlecote in England. She also has earned a degree in archaeology. Her strongest contribution to jousting is as a team builder, troupe captain and horse supplier. In her spare time she collects rescue horses, most of which compete in games and the joust. Radar was knighted in 2003. From BC to Quebec, Botha to Waxahachie, she has broken lances and bones and not lost her competitive spirit!

Alison Mercer


alison Alison started historical equitation in 2003, studying the weaponry and tactics of Alexander the Great's cavalry as an undergraduate. She took up jousting in 2011, feeling it is one of the most 'extreme' forms of re-enactment. Her first international tournament was Lysts on the Lake in Texas, 2012, and she has ridden extensively in western Canada since then. In July 2014, she made her first trip to the Southern Hemisphere to ride at Tournament Australis and Abbey Medieval Festival in Australia.  She was knighted on the field at Brooks in August of 2014.

Marcus Hamel


Marc Marc is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces from Québec, began jousting in 2006 and made his first international tournament in Belgium 2009. Since then he has been invited to joust in 6 other countries ( Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, England, USA). He has participated in over 20 international tournaments he has won 3 awards.

Dale Thwaites

Knight and VP

DaleDale's love for all things martial started at a young age and doesn't seem to have waned. As a youth he examined ancient military cultures (primarily Eastern), and when of age, he enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has studied classic Sport Fencing, a variety of Eastern Martial Arts (earning himself a black belt) and now later in life; his focus has turned to the Western arts. As an Architectural Technologist by trade, Dale is technically and artistically inclined and has helped STALC repair and redesign some of their equipment. Dale's rookie year of jousting was in 2014.

Jean-Francois Drapeau


JF Originally from Stoneham, Quebec, Jean-Francois  (JF to his friends) has now settled in Alberta. A fearless jouster and competitor, he has adapted to living in the west, and is honing his horse skills every day. He is also a talented builder and is busy establishing a ranch with his partner.  

Ian Darvill



Ian has been an integral part of  STALC for many years.  He has progressed from a games rider and all around helper to a squire then assistant chief squire. After many years on the ground, Ian is setting his sights on meeting his next opponent in the list.


Jason Carmody


jason Jason is in training to move from the ground support and squiring to horseback and jousting. He is also a part of our sister group, Dragon's Own, a re-enactment group working in the art of medieval ground combat.

Support Crew

Robin Beck

Chief Squire and Secretary

Robin Robin is Chief Squire. She travels with the show, and has been seen putting the knights together and keeping them in line from Langley to Winnipeg to Kalispell to Red Deer Lake and has made guest appearances on the block from Tennessee to Colorado. It doesn't matter if the event is an international competition, a barbecue, a wedding, a fundraiser, a rodeo, or a renaissance faire, Robin brings the show in on time, and creates order out of chaos. This is good, because knights tend to generate chaos!

Dale Laberge

Master of Ceremonies

Dale 2010

The Voice, or M.C. Squire, as she is known, has been announcing for STALC ever since 2000, when she was  given the opportunity to speak  (or, as she puts it “Was handed a costume and a microphone.”)   at  The Soldiers of  the Two Millennia  show at the Museum of the Regiments.  Dale is a keen trivia buff, and knows a lot more than she tells about the riders and the horses.

Penny Pisano

Squire and Treasurer


Penny has quickly become a necessary member of the STALC team since becoming a member in 2012.  She has multiple duties both on and off the field and is in charge of the pageantry displayed during events.  She is also our budding webmistress.

Angela Davies

Chief Groom

AngelaAngela is an avid horse lover and assists year round behind the scenes to ensure that all the horses are fit, ready and looking their best for jousting season. 2014 marked her debut in front of the crowds as part of STALC ground crew.

Sebastian Fox



Awesome bio about our newest member when the webmistress remembers she needs to contact him.... ~runs to message him in FB

Lois Hannah

Games Rider, Seamstress

Lois 2010

Lois is a games rider and a  member of STALC, as well as a founding member of the Left Coast Lancers. Lois is also a gifted artist, sculptor and costume maker. She is a costumer for both  humans  and equines.

In Tribute

Shawn Green


1917538_416656389808_4685505_n Shawn's rookie year as a jouster was 2008, where both he and his mare, Tyrea debuted for STALC in Winnipeg, and rode at the BC Renfest and in Estes Park competing in both the Heavy Armour and Light armour divisions. In his first year his toughest challenge was getting his lines right for a TV segment on the early morning show in BC! Sadly, 2009 brought greater challenges and in March of 2010 STALC lost a fierce competitor, great warrior and good friend.

Missed by all, his legacy shines through in everyone who doesn't give up no matter what challenges are handed to them.